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What does it mean if there is an orange cast over my lawn?

My lawn has an orange cast to it. When I mow, my shoes turn orange! Is this a kind of rust? How do I get rid of it?
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It sounds as though your lawn has rust, a type of fungal disease. Rust is most common on perennial ryegrass and susceptible cultivars of Kentucky bluegrass. The disease usually shows up in mid- to late summer when these cool-season turfgrasses are growing under stressful conditions. Stressful growing conditions for turf coupled with preferential weather for rust-warm, humid conditions, followed by hot, sunny weather-lead to infection. Symptoms on leaf blades include orange pustules full of powdery orange spores. The spores are what turn your shoes orange. Affected patches in the lawn turn yellowish orange. You shouldn't need to spray your lawn to control rust. Instead, fertilize and water the lawn to provide better growing conditions. Late summer and fall are the best times to fertilize your lawn. Water as needed through the summer to prevent moisture stress. If the rust persists, you can overseed with rust-resistant varieties. 

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