tomato plants with black bottoms

I have tomato plants that are called Heinz. They are bearing fruit and beginning to rippen, they are the size of my thumb, as they ripen, they have at the bottom of each a big black spot. What is that, can we eat them if the spot is cut off? Haven't eaten any yet, for fear of a disease! Alice

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Sounds like blossom end rot. It's actually a physiological/nutritional issue that more often results from big swings in moisture levels. To answer your question, yes, you can eat these tomatoes after cutting off the diseased part. More importantly, try to find a way to keep moisture levels consistent, such as watering more regularly. And there are products (they're actually nutritional supplements) that garden centers carry to help stop end rot. They don't cost much, and seem to help somewhat. But it's the moisture levels that are most critical. You don't say where you're growing your plants, but end rot is much more common in containers. In the ground, it still happens, but not as much.

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