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Sickly Hollyhocks

Hollyhocks! Our h.h. looked great a few weeks ago, but eventually started dying from the ground up. Absolutely no leaves or blossoms about 3/4's of the way up the stalk. What to do? They are about 2-years-old. Thanks!
Submitted by charlesgttysbrg

Hi, Well once hollyhocks complete their life cycle, they begin to die. Hollyhocks are biennial, this means they grow foliage the first year, bloom the second and then die. They do not come back every year. However, they often seem like perennials because they self sow thoroughly so there are always plants growing in the bed. They generally die back from bottom to top so I think your plants are doing what comes naturally.

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Thank you, Doug. I'm so grateful for your answer to my question that I'm going to name my firstborn son after you!
Submitted by charlesgttysbrg