Sick Bouganvillea

My potted Bouganvillea leaves are yellowing and dropping. Any ideas what is causing this and what the cure might be?

Submitted by ho19sjr1

Hi, Without more information I can't guess about your bougainvillea's troubles. Yellow leaves are a sign of a number of problems (too much water, too little water, poor fertilization, etc) so I'd need to know more about your plant. Is it an established plant or a newly planted one? Where is it growing (light, location, soil type)? How are you caring for it? Are there just a few yellow leaves or is it on the whole plant? Are the leaves turning all yellow or are they spotted or marked in some way before they fall? Give me a lot more to go on and I can try to help. Ultimately, your best bet would probably be to take some leaves to your local garden center, describe exactly what's going on and get an up-close examination and diagnosis.

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