Problem with Montauk Daisies

I have a montauk daisies bush and is very healthy and green except that in the last lmonth i notice that the stems and leaves on one side of the plant turned brown and is dead. the dead plant area is easily pulledout with no roots. what can be causing this? my husband said it may be grubs since he saw som on the ground. can this be it and if it is can I kill them with grub spray? MY daisies are located on Staten Island, ny

Submitted by bradley400

Probably not grubs, which may very well be feeding on the roots, but probably would not kill whole stems in that manner. More likely, it's a soil borne disease, such as a vascular wilt, that has infected part of the plant. UNfortunately, there's little you can do in the way of treatment. However, you can carve off that section of the clump with a spade, and throw it out, roots and all, and perhaps in doing so prevent it from spreading to the rest of the plant.

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