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My new hibiscus plants are producing "dead" bloom buds, they start to develop ok, but later turn yellow and dry down, and fail to bloom, the leaves on the plant become curled overtime. What is the problem?
Submitted by mila_sempernovi



Thanks for writing. Hibiscus will often abort their buds under periods of stress, such as if they get too dry, too hot, too wet, etc. So I'd start by checking the environment and ensuring the plants have an even supply of moisture.


Do you fertilize? Excess fertilizer can cause a similar issue on hibiscus because the fertilizer salts "burn" the roots.


---Justin, Senior Garden Editor,

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The nursery worker at Lowe's advised me to use granular fertilizer called Holly-tone for acid loving plants. My hibiscus leaves are green and the flowers are beautiful.
Submitted by sauvebonnie