Black spots and powdery mildew on Oleanders

I live in Loris, SC. My Oleanders (12) have black spots & a powdery mildew on them. They look dead but there are a couple of new leaves at ground level. I bought them last year. (small 12in.) What can I do? And can you tell me of a fast growing tree or shrub that will hide the neighbors 20-40ft tall? We live on a hill over looking a junk yard that moved in last year. Thanks for your help.
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You'll probably have to cut the oleanders back to the live, healthy growth at the base and let them regrow. It sounds like they were stressed when you bought them and didn't begin to show it until after you'd planted them in the ground. Look after them carefully this year, making sure to water them during the hot dry spells.

To choose a tree for privacy from your neighbors, use the plant finder in's Plant Encyclopedia. Choose 'Detailed Search' and you can search by height.

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