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wintering elephant ears

My friend has elephants ears and is wondering how to care for them during the winter. She has dug them up and are currently in her basement. Now what? Thanks, Vicki
Submitted by BHGPhotoContest

Hi, Vicki. The best way to store them is to uproot them and store the "bulbs" in peat moss in paper or mesh bags in a cool, dark basement. I've had success wintering elephant ears in the basement by leaving them right in their pots and letting them go pretty dry. (Very dry, in fact, so they don't rot.) The foliage dies off, of course, and the soil in the pots shrinks up quite a bit. In spring, I have to repot them because the soil has become dessicated and will hardly absorb water. But here's a warning: if they're potted in large pots and surrounded by  a lot of moist soil, they'll likely rot if left to go dormant in the pots. It can be risky.

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I've had the same elephant Ear for the past 5 years. It has given me many sprouts to share. In the winter my husband simply puts them under the house and then in the spring he gets them out and they start to fill out and are beautiful. If you plant them in the ground, just cut back, dig up and put in a suitable pot for the size and store under the house for the winter. Works for me. We live in Kentucky.
Submitted by COACHJV