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what kind of plants will suit for shaded differen climate garden

I live outside of US but I would like to plan my garden with your help. The climate in my country according to USDA Hardiness Zones varies between zones 9-11. It means in winter sometimes its freezing (-10 C at night) and it is hot in summer 40 C the, climate is sub humid. My garden is partly shaded as sun leans behind the house after midday And whole day we have shaded but full of light garden. I would like to know which plants indicated on your website will suit my garden Thanks Sofia
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Thanks for writing. There are a large number of shade-loving tropical plants you should be able to grow. Some are annuals here like impatiens and browallia, but they'll be perennial for you. Others are houseplants like begonias, aluminum plant, nerve plant, and peacock plant.


Look for these and other great plants at your local garden center.


---Justin, Senior Garden Editor,

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