Tulips in the ground?

I live in zone 6 and my soil is slightly sandy. I bought them a week ago.I would like to put them in the ground and I'm not sure when. I bring them in at night as the temp. seems to be dropping to much.The temp at night is anywhere from 29 to 38 degrees,daytime around 50 or 60 degrees. I now have daffodils growing in the same area and they are doing fine with the soil and lighting.It is partial shade with the shade in the afternoon.
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I'm assuming you purchased started tulip bulbs. If so, it's fine to plant them now. Tulips, like daffodils, can take the cold and will even do fine with a late snowstorm. Keep in mind that started tulip bulbs bloom well the first year but don't really bloom the following year very well. So, don't expect the same flower show next year. The only way to get that is to plant bulbs in the fall.

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