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Too many crocuses!!

I have a flower bed that was planted prior to bying our house. There was an over-abundance of what I believe are crocus bulbs. Last fall, my husband and I replanted the entire flower bed. We dug out all (or as many as we could) of the existing bulbs, and replaced them with tulips. We put down weed barrier and made holes where we planted the tulips. This spring, the crocuses are coming up again, through the weed barrier. They do not flower, and look like grass. How do I get rid of them???
Submitted by BHGPhotoContest

The best solution for those unwanted bulbs is to take a trowel and lever them up--hand weeding is a good solution to many problems and certainly safer than many pesticides. On the other hand, RoundUp is very useful (and comparatively safe) in spot-treating unwanted plants.

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