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Terracotta pot

I have a number of Shamrock bulbs planted in a terracotta pot that is unglazed. It now has mineral deposits on and around the lip of the pot. Is there any way to clean those deposits without taking all of the bulbs out of the pot? I've heard you can use a water and vinegar solution but I'm not sure that is true or what the ratio would be.
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Don't use any kind of vinegar solution--no matter how diluted--if there are plants in the pot. It will burn the roots. Take the potted plant to the sink and flush it with water while scrubbing at the mineral deposits with a toothbrush. The minerals were once in solution because they got onto the pot's rim through watering. By scrubbing with a brush and flushing with water, you're working to get them to dissolve into the water again and flush through the pot.

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