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Potted Tulips

I bought some bulbs last fall and potted them. They now start poking (like bean sprouting) through the soil. Can tulips be grown in pots or do I have to transfer them to the ground? If so, when do I do that? Also, provide details on how to care for beautiful long lasting tulips. Please give specific details.
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Forced bulbs--potted in the fall, chilled for a number of weeks and moved to a warm, bright location to bloom--don't do very well when transplanted into the garden, especially tulips. The forcing process zaps their energy reserves so much that they usually just fizzle out in the garden, and they'll fail for certain if left in the pot and forced again. Most gardeners just toss their forced bulbs into the compost pile after they bloom. If you do want to try to move them to the garden, start by nurturing them right after the blooms fade. Water with a water-soluble fertilizer, and keep the foliage green and healthy for as long as you can. After the foliage has died back on its own, transplant the bulbs into the garden. Sprinkle bone meal or bulb fertilizer into the bottom of the planting hole, then put a thin layer of soil in so the bulbs don't come in direct contact with the fertilizer.

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