planting Hyacinths and Dutch Iris bulbs in the spring

I have two packages of bulbs from last fall that I found in my basement. Hyacinths and Dutch Iris. They both have new growth and look very healthy. The Hyacinths have 2" on growth. If I plant them will they continue to grow, or is it too late? I am in zone 5
Submitted by beckysteffenhagen

They might continue to grow, but it's doubtful they'll flower, at least not this year. It won't hurt to plant them -- if they survive, they may come back healthier next year and possibly bloom. One note: it's still pretty early in the season for Zone 5. If these bulbs have been indoors the whole winter, they wont' be hardened off, and if you planted them out and then had a hard freeze soon thereafter, it might kill them. So be sure to plant them only when the long range forecast looks relatively mild.

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