naturalizing daffodils

Can I naturalize daf. bulbs in my lawn? If so will it kill the bulbls to put weed and feed on the grass in the summer?
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Yes, you can naturalize them, but weed and feed will kill them. You can certainly fertilize, but the weed killer will hurt them. Check out the daffodils on our new Plant Encyclopedia on this site. We're adding new ones every day and there are some varieties that do better naturalized than others. Also, if you naturalize them in your lawn, you have to be willing to allow the foliage to grow and die on it's own so if you want a perfect lawn it might not be the best place for them. However, if you don't care if your turf is picture-perfect allowing the daffodil foliage to mature and die before mowing in the spring is essential. I prefer to plant them in random clumps. That way I only have to mow around the clumps so it's a lot easier to deal with. Then, when the daffodil foliage is mature, I just mow the whole thing.

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