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Is there any way I can take my bulbs with me when I move?

Last fall I planted a bulb garden, which was quite a financial and spiritual investment for me. Now, however, I have to move away. The bulbs have already started to bloom, but I don't want to leave them here. Is there any way I can take my bulbs with me?
Submitted by BHGPhotoContest

You must be disappointed to have to leave your garden. However, trying to move spring-flowering bulbs in bloom risks killing them. It’s best to make arrangements with the new owners of your home to allow you to come and dig the bulbs later in the year, after they’ve gone dormant. (Some bulbs will have multiplied, so you could take a share for yourself and leave enough for the new homeowners to enjoy next year.) If you can’t move the bulbs later, think of the garden you planted as a contribution to an area where you used to live, knowing you made it a more beautiful place for everyone who’s still there to enjoy. Every spring, the neighborhood will appreciate your effort.

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