Iris fertilizer or soil amendments

I do not know what type of iris I have as they were there when I moved into the house. All of the green leaves have come up but only 2 shoots with flowers. Is there any type of fertilizer that I can put on them to encourage blooms. I also noticed when I was pulling weeds that some of the rhizones are just lying on the ground? They are planted in a full sun location. I have never had iris before so not sure of what I could be doing to help them along. I live in Kansas. Thank you!
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Hi, Well iris plants grow from fleshy surface roots called rhizomes. So, it's not unusual to see the rhizomes above soil level. Because your iris are older I don't think fertilizer will help much. I think they are probably too crowded and require division. Iris require division every few years to keep them happy and vigorous. Wait until late summer and dig up the clump. Then, with sharp knife or spade, cut away each section, making sure each section has at least one fan of foliage. Then, replant, spacing them at least a foot apart.


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