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Do I have to remove my bulbs from their containers to store them and can they be re-planted next year in containers or do they have to be put in the ground?

I bought several tulips in containers that bloomed until late spring/early summer. The foliage is dead but still attached to the plant. The only water these plants have received has been from a recent rain. Are my bulbs still salvagable to store and use next year? If so, do I store them in the containers themselves or should I dig them up and store them in a paper bag with peat moss? I live in Lake Arrowhead, CA where we get several feet of snowfall each year.

Submitted by leagregor1

Hi, Well tulips that have been grown in containers don't generally come back very well. i always recommend tossing them on the compost pile and starting fresh next year with new bulbs. I doubt, especially if they haven't been fed or watered much, that they will perform at all in the future.

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