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Can I plant the seedpods developed from calla lillies that have already bloomed?

My calla lilies develop seedpods after blooming. Can I plant these pods to get more callas? Last year I didn't do anything with them, and this year I have calla lilies everywhere. I plan to separate them to share with friends. Will the seedpods help with the sharing?
Submitted by BHGPhotoContest

It's generous to share garden plants with friends, though I don't think the seedpods will do you much good. Like most bulbs, calla lilies are best propagated vegetatively through their underground structure. I've never had anything develop from seedpods on my calla lilies, but that's not to say they haven't sprouted in your garden. Callas spread easily by their underground stems, and that's the best way to increase these plants. Divide rhizomes in late summer or early fall after digging them up for overwintering, or in spring before you set them in the ground.

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Hi All, You can get great results from calla seed harvest, however it is not as simple as just planting the seed pod. The pods will develop over the life of the flower and look like a small corn cob. As the plant ages and dies back the flower head will bend over until touching the ground. You need to leave it there until it turns yellow and goes soft. You can then harvest it and squeeze the seeds out of it. Each kernal contains 1-5 seeds. These can be placed in a dark dry space and planted after the last frost. They like bottom heat and being kept moist but not wet. They respond well to 24 hours of soaking prior to planting. They take between 1-3 months to germinate and flower in 3 years. I have about 500 grown by seed now. Cheers Lindley
Submitted by lindley74