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Yellow leaves on gardenia tree

I have a Gardenia tree that I purchased in July. It had a couple of blooms and has only had a couple more since I brought it home. The person I purchased it from said I should water it daily and give it some sun. I have done this religiously and the plant has only had two blooms to open. It constantly has yellow leaves on it and does not seem to be doing well. The buds sometime get big enough to open but instead turn brown and die before it blooms. I fear it will not make past the fall.
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I think your gardenia is drowning. The soil for a gardenia should remain moist but never waterlogged. This will cause the leaves to yellow and drop. they bloom best when they are kept between 65 and 70° during the daytime and a little cooler at night. You do not say if the plant has been kept indoors or out during the summer. Too high or too low temperatures affect blooming. Overwinter the plant indoors in bright light but not direct sun, and start feeding it with half strength acid fertilizer (such as Miracid) every 2 weeks or so when growth begins in early spring.

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