What Kind of Soil Does Avacado Need?

I have a avacado plant,that I grew from a pit. What kind of soil do you grow an avacado plant in? The plant will be grown indoors.
Submitted by ruebler1

Hi, Any, good quality potting soil for houseplants should work fine.

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Hi again, can I plant the avacado outside next year & how would you plant it? In sun or shade & what kind of soil? thanks. janet in Idaho
Submitted by rojab1
I live in N.Central Idaho. I have a large avacado plant that was close to 2' tall I just recently potted it potting soil. I wonder if I can plant it outside next year & where would it best be planted, sun or shade or even if it would make in the winters here?? Thank You, janet in Idaho
Submitted by rojab1