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I need a plant for a 14 inch pot on my front porch. It is mostly in the shade, but does get about 2 hours of hot sun in the afternoon. I am tired of begonias and impatiens. I had a Heuchera and it was doing well until now. I seem to have trouble with this kind of partial sun and shade. Not enough sun for sun plants.
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Thanks for writing. In your area, you'll need to make sure you choose plants that can stand up to the heat. The problem you're experiencing with your heuchera may be more related to heat than direct sun. (Without seeing it, I can't be positive, however.) 

So consider plants such as coleus, torenia (wishbone flower), browallia, ornamental grasses, and sedums. This kind of situation sounds ideal for many types of houseplants, as well, including bananas, philodendrons, and dieffenbachias. (Note: If you purchase houseplants from a store, acclimate them by keeping them in full shade for a week or two, then let them experience direct sun. Otherwise their leaves will become sunburned.)

---Justin, Senior Garden Editor,

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