How much I well-rotted manure should I use in my garden?

I'd like to add some well-rotted manure to my garden. Can you tell me how much I should use?
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Because manure varies in nutrient content, and fertility needs vary from soil to soil, there's no "best" ratio for adding manure or other forms of organic matter to your garden. But I can give you some general recommendations. Spread a layer of manure about an inch or two deep over the garden in winter so that by spring the rains and snows have helped leach excess salts and ammonia. Avoid applying fresh manure directly on a garden where plants are growing, because it could burn the plants. The more aged the manure, the better. One thought: Be aware of your manure source. If the animals that have produced the manure have been eating grass or weedy hay, you may end up spreading weed seeds on your garden.

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