How do I keep my mandevillas alive and healthy?

We planted two Diplandenia which I think? are really Lace tops? When we first planted them they were in pretty good shape and we used a compost (recommended by the plant and garden center). They are located in mostly shade with sunlight coming in through trees. We are located in zone 8, I think (southern ca). One of them has never done well, with wilting leaves and eventually turning brown and falling off. When we would give it extra water it seems to perk up. Now that is not even working. They both are now losing leaves and of course not blooming. I am wondering if I should take them back to the garden center or if you have a suggestion for me? Thank you very much for any advise you can give!

Submitted by slmp45

Thanks for writing. I'm really sorry, but without being able to see your plants and where they're growing, I can't tell you what the problem is. This free service really isn't meant to diagnose plant problems like this where it's important to see the plants. That said, I can tell you that diplandenia (Mandevilla) need lots of bright light --- if they're in too much shade, they'll definitely not be happy. I'd try moving them first and seeing if that helps.

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