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Flowering shrubs not blooming

" have jasmine, hydrangea and a lilac that do not ever have flowers. What could be the problem - too little sun? Thank you, Ewa Michael
Submitted by BHGPhotoContest

I doubt that you have too little sun, although if the shrubs are in heavy shade they will not bloom freely. I suspect that you are pruning off the flower buds by pruning at the wrong time of year. AS a rule prune spring flowering shrubs immediately after normal bloom time as they set buds for the following year right away. If you prune these in the fall, you are actually pruning off the buds that will produce flowers the following spring. This may well be the trouble with the lilac. The hydrangea should also be pruned right after blooming. You don't say what kind of hydrangea, but if it was a Mother's Day gift it probably is a bigleaf kind. In New York, especially in cold parts of the state, the flower buds often get blasted while they are dormant before they start to bloom. I suggest you get a variety such as 'Endless Summer' that blooms on both old and new wood and should be reliable for you. The jasmine is probably winter jasmine. This too needs a sheltered spot to bloom well and it may just be too cold for the flowers to open for you. If the temperature drops to zeroF it's doubtful that you will have a good crop of flowers. Check with your local nursery for some more reliable shrub choices for your region.

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