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edging flower garden with gas edger

What is the best way to edge a flower garden with a gas edger in clay soil?

Submitted by kathy.knauf

Hi, I'm not exactly sure what you are asking here? Give me more to go on in terms of what you need. A power edger should be self explanatory. If your soil is hard pack clay, however, you might need to loosen it up by adding compost, rotted manure, etc to improve the soil first. Again, sorry, I'm not sure what you need information-wise.

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Hi Doug, I am not sure where to put more about this question. I want my garden edge to look like the professionals. Do I make a 90 degree cut or a 45 degree cut into the soil? Those are the choices on the gas edger. How do the pros get it so neat with the mulch coming to the bottom of the cut? Do I have to take out a wedge of soil? My beds are established and I have never been satisfied with my straight edged spade. Does that make sense? Thanks Kathy
Submitted by kathy.knauf