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West-Facing Container Plants

I put two large containers on our front porch that faces west. In spring and early summer, the annuals look great...until the summer heat comes. I plant full-sun annuals in these containers because of this, but these pots don't get the sun until after 1pm and the sun finally gets to them, it's that hot afternoon heat that they get. As I would see in my BHG magazines, I would try to plant 5-7 annuals per container hoping to make it look 'full' with geraniums, lantanas, potato vines, etc. Help
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Thanks for writing. Some of the best heat-loving plants include:



Blue Salvia:



Moss rose:

So you might give those a try. If your containers are right up against your porch, you might also check and see if you can move them away from the wall a little bit. If there's a ton of heat that builds up and radiates off the wall onto your plants, you might not have much luck with anything except succulents that are adapted to those extreme temperatures.

Also make sure your plants get plenty of water. Plants in a hot spot usually dry out faster than ones that get the same amount of sun but don't have extra heat radiating on them.

I hope this helps! Good luck!
---Justin, Senior Garden Editor,

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