small blooms on geraniums

Every year my geraniums look great until around July. Then the blooms are very small and turn brown before they even open up. I have also see evidence of something eating the buds before they can bloom. I have sprayed with a fungicide/insecticide combination, but to no avail. Help.
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Well you may have two things going on here. First, is the flower size. Geraniums are heavy feeders and need to be given fertilizer to maintain bloom quantity and size. By mid-summer many geraniums begin to lag and need to be fed. Now, on the insect situation. You don't describe what the evidence you are seeing consists of. Understand that sometimes geraniums will die in the center of the flower, often looking like it's being eaten. Repost and describe what evidence you are seeing. There are a few species of budworm that will eat geraniums, but if you had them they should have been controlled with  your insecticide. And, when you repost, tell us what you are spraying with.

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