plants i want to grow.-will they grow in the shade &bloom-w-mature seeds?

i want to plant sunflowers,coneflowers,giant pansies bee balm &evening primrose this summer,i'll only have a couple of hours of full sun where i can grow them. will they fully grow and make mature seeds i can grow the next summer?also,what annual would grow well in partial shade that i mentioned & fully flower?thank you!
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Well if your garden spot doesn't receive at least 6 to 8 hours of very direct sun a day, the sunflowers, coneflowers, primrose and bee balm will not thrive. Some may survive, but won't bloom well. The pansies will probably be fine, but most pansies available today are hybrids so saving seeds from them won't work. In partial shade your best bets for annual flowers include impatiens, torenia, New Guinea impatiens, bush balsam, vinca, and begonia. However, most of these will not provide you with viable seeds. Your best bet is to buy new plants each year.

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