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non blooming mona lavender

I have a potted Mona Lavender Plectranthus about a foot and a half to 2 ft tall, when I first bought it when it was "half" the size it is now, it had beautiful little purple flowers. It has doubled in size but have not seen ANY new blooms in the past month or so. I see them at the hardware and nurseries and they ALL have blooms. Why doesn't mine!!?
Submitted by BHGPhotoContest

Is your Mona Lavender plectranthus growing in a container or in a ground bed? Confinement of the roots in a container is one way to force earlier bloom on it. It sounds as though yours is growing well, which indicates that it may just be in a vegetative state, and will bloom once environmental conditions are right or it is stressed enough to induce bloom. The plant will bloom best in full sun.

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