Marigold Questions (why are they dying?)

I bought some small 6 packs of marigolds and haven't planted them yet. I thought they were pretty resistant to sun and didn't need too much water but I'm finding out that they do ok in the sun and I have to water them at least every other 2 days or so in order for them to remain blooming. I live in Long beach, ca and the weather here has been in the mid-80s lately but it feels hotter. I want to plant them in my gardenbed which is really sunny and I water 2x's a week. Any suggestions? Thanks
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Well if your plants are still in their 6-packs they are going to dry out constantly because they hardly have any soil to grow in. Get them in the ground as soon as you can, and, once established, they will require much less water. You'll need to water a bit for the first week or so until the plants grow new roots, but after that you can slow down on the water. Just don't leave them in their 6-packs.

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