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Leaves on Mandevilla Turning Brown

I bought three potted Mandevilla plants at Lowe's. I put them on the east side of my house against a wall with a trellis for them to climb. After a promising start, the leaves started to turn brown and fall off and the few blossoms that formed fell off too. I wanted to try to resurrect them before they are completely dead. They do get some direct sunlight every day and I keep them well watered. Thanks!
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Thanks for writing. Without being able to see your mandevillas in person, I'm afraid I can't say what's wrong. Brown leaves that drop off could point to a number of problems --- including too much or too little water; too much fertilizer; damage to the roots at planting time; exposure to chemicals; and more.

For more help, you might bring a sample of an affected leaf to the staff at your county extension office or a reputable local nursery. After seeing the leaf in person, they should be able to help determine the cause of the browning.

---Justin, Senior Garden Editor,

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