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Is my plant Lamb Ears? Can I cut back Salvia plants for re-blooming

I have plants in a garden that I tthink are Lamb Ears. They start our with fuzzy long leaves close to the groun and then stem to a single pink flower. They also naturalize. Are these Lamb Ears and if so, can the be deadheaded and how? Also, I have beautiful Salvia plants. They flower beautifully and then the plant kinda withers and starts to brown. Can I take the plant as a whole and cut it back? Will the plant start re-growth and begin to flower again?
Submitted by deerblk2

HI, Those sound like lamb's ears to me. You can deadhead the flower stalk if you don't like the looks of it. It's up do you. As far as the salvia goes, if you are talking about perennials salvia, you can shear it back removing all the dead flower stalks and sometimes it will come back and bloom again.

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About once a week and cut back spent stems on my Salvia plant. It has bloomed all Spring and Summer, and is still going strong in Fall now.
Submitted by michellebutler7