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How do I get my Begonia to bloom again?

How do I get my Begonia to bloom again? I have been pulling off the dead flowers but should I also snip off the trailing stem part that all the flowers grow from? It gets a little bit of sun in the morning and shade the rest of the day. keeping the soil moist and fertilizing every few weeks. I think it was called an everblooming begonia. I live in Oriental, North Carolina (28571)
Submitted by ajt0425

Hi, Well it really depends on what kind of begonia you have. There are literally hundreds of different species and varieties. However, you could clip off that flower stalk to tidy up the plant and possibly encourage it to bloom again. You don't say if this plant is indoors or out or whether it's growing in the ground or in a pot, but it sounds like it's in a good location light-wise. But, keep in mind, with the exception of annual flowers, the term ever-blooming can be thrown around a bit liberally. Often it means that the plant will put another flush of bloom after the first blush is finished. Again, I don't know exactly what's going on here without having more information, but I might cut back on the fertilizer a bit (too much can often encourage a plant to develop more foliage than flowers). And, have a bit of patience. If it's healthy looking it will probably bloom again.

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