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Growing Lisianthus

I want to try Lisianthus in my zone 5 garden 20 miles west of Chicago. I plan to buy transplants from Burpee. They have a lovely assortment available with one of the varieties being a soft green color. What do I need to know and do for these plants so I can be sure to have flowers all summer? The lives plants aren't cheap so I want to be sure I know what these plants need. Thanks in advance for your reply. Betty
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Lisianthus is said to be difficult to start from seed, so buying starter plants is probably a good idea. That's what I've done in the past. The things to keep in mind about Lisianthus  is that temperatures have to remain above 40 degrees, so it's not something to sneak out into the garden before summer. Also, the plants are said to be heat and dry tolerant, but the key is making sure that they are given a good start. So keep plants lightly watered, with good drainage, their first month in the ground. You can taper off watering after that. Also, these plants react well to pinching when extra flowers are desired.

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