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Last year you wrote an article on how to put up geraniums and then bring them out again in the spring. I put this article up, however, I can't find it now. Would you please send me the information on which month it was in, or e-mail me the information. Thank you.
Submitted by Rhubarb118

Hi, So sorry, but we did not carry an article like that. It must have been some other publication. You can overwinter geraniums in many ways, but I'm betting you read something about hanging them upside down in paper bags in the basement? This can work, but I've found it very dicey and it depends a lot of the temperature in your basement. I highly recommend taking stem cutting now, rooting them indoors, and keeping the young plants in a sunny windowsill till spring.

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it was on page 110-112 of the june 2012 issue
Submitted by tyladydi
I am looking for this same information, I noted the June 2012 issue had an article about geraniums and I think it was about wintering them and it was not putting them in dirt. I believe it had to do with the paper bag. I did have luck once doing that. I do remember something about waiting until after the first LIGHT frost before pulling them out. I just don't remember if I removed the leaves or not?
Submitted by tyladydi