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Gerainium plants - care?

How do I care for a healthy geranium plant in an 8" pot??? Keep i wet? oor let it dry out?? Lots of 5-10-5? Thank you Helen
Submitted by hdssmith420

Hi Helen,


Thanks for writing. Geraniums are pretty easy --- grow them in full sun and well-drained soil. The plants do better being too dry than too wet, so let the top inch or so of the soil dry out before you water the plant again. You can feed it with any general-purpose garden fertilizer; just be sure to follow the directions on the packaging carefully. That said, if you have a good potting mix, you may not need to fertilize your geraniums at all to get them to produce lots of blooms.

Once the flowers fade, remove the stem they're on to stop the geranium from putting energy into making seeds and to help the plant stay looking better.


---Justin, Senior Garden Editor,

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I recently found 3 little worms, 1 pink the other 2 greenish, on my pink geranium. It looks like they've burrowed into one of the stems and have been eating the leaves from the inside out. What kind of worms are these? And how do I get rid of them?
Submitted by andreamlamas
Where do you deadhead geraniums (where do you cut, just the flower or the whole stem?
Submitted by tom608