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Can you help me with flower garden in giant pot?

I have a giant garden pot that sits outside my brick garage at the end of my walk way to my front door. It is a perfect spot for looks, but the brick wall produces extra heat and dries out my plants quickly. The pot is made from a poly resin. I put a few brick in the bottom for drainage before putting my potting soil. Could you tell me what soil I need to use or steps to keep my plants & flowers from drying out so quickly in this area? Maybe suggest some flowers or plants.
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Thanks for writing. Some of my favorite heat-tolerant, drought-resistant annuals include:
Angel's trumpet:
Blue salvia:
Tropical milkweed:

Also: Do you put mulch on the soil of your container? If not, that should help, too. It will keep the soil from drying out as fast and can help keep the soil temperature from getting too hot.

Thanks for writing. I hope this helps!

Senior Garden Editor,
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