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What can we do to get rid of moles in our garden?

We have moles in our garden. We were told that one way to get rid of them is to pour gasoline into their holes and seal them. Is this true? If not, what else can we do?
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Serving an eviction notice to moles is not as simple as pouring gasoline into their tunnels. That would pollute the groundwater, and could be dangerous to you. Home remedies purported to control moles abound; none is terribly effective. You'll undoubtedly find someone who tried a remedy that "worked." In all likelihood, the moles simply moved on to better feeding grounds, and there was no connection between the supposed treatment and their disappearance.  Moles dine on grubs and earthworms that live in the soil. Poison baits are ineffective because the moles are not attracted to the grain-based baits. Reduction of grub populations by applying a natural pest control, such as Grub-Away nematodes, may force the moles to move elsewhere. But it may also cause them to dig with renewed energy to find grubs to feed on.


A retired friend who is an outstanding gardener catches moles in his yard by sitting in the yard early in the morning with a pitchfork in hand. When he sees the moles digging their tunnels, he stabs the ground with the fork, skewering the critters. Grisly, but effective! Assuming that you don't have as much time (or perhaps as good aim) as Bob, you can use traps to kill the burrowing creatures. It can be a tricky process, because the traps must be set in an active runway. If the mole fails to trip the trap within a couple of days of your setting it, move it to a different runway. Trapping is the most effective means of ridding your yard of moles. A proven mole repellent is castor oil, in liquid or dry form. Multiple methods of treatment usually work best in any pest-control situation.

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I live in Washington State the home of the moles. You want results fast? this works every time . Grab an old sock. Remove top dirt from an active mound. find the tunnel. Stuff sock into the tunnel. Pour gasoline on the sock and saturate it. cover it up with dirt and you are done. The sock holds on to the gasoline for days and permeates all of the tunnels. What happens to the mole? i don't know but you will not see him again guaranteed.
Submitted by razorready007
I've been told by a man who runs a old time hardward store to dig into the tunnels and throw in a couple of moth balls .I don't like the smell myself so I'm gonna give this a try.
Submitted by flyinlilrn
I heard cats were natural enemies so last year every time I saw a tunnel, I dug down and put soiled kitty litter. It seemed to work very well, it was environmentally friendly and with 7 cats... Free.
Submitted by missingjerry
what else can we do, it seems that this year we have so many, and so far we haven't had any success
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lthough pesty moles are good for helping w/grub control, which can be very bad for eating plants. So getting rid of food source(grubs) is the best idea. Last year I was Very successful by digging into their pathway and placing enviromentally friendly biodegradable (NO CLAY) clumping cat litter (the urine only) along several spots of their paths. Repeated only a few times but it worked very well!!
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