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Squirrels eating marigolds

I recently planted marigolds and found that they had been stripped of all greenery which my local nursery believes was done by squirrels. My question is, what can I do to keep the squirrels from eating the marigolds. I thought that one of the positives about marigolds was there "anti-pest" quality. Thank you for your help.
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Thanks for writing. Squirrels --- like people --- have different tastes. Just like one person may really enjoy sauerkraut and another person may hate it, one squirrel may may enjoy marigolds even though the majority of them don't.

You can try spraying your marigolds with a product called Hot Pepper Wax; look for it at your local garden center. Also: If they didn't eat the marigolds to the ground, the plants will probably come back. The squirrels may leave them alone --- sometimes they cause damage because they're curious about a newly planted flower. Once it's in the ground for a while, they typically lose interest in it.

---Justin, Senior Garden Editor,

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