severe deer problem need help...what do i do?!

i have a severe deer problem and want to grow a vegetable garden, i have tried putting the plants on my deck and in wire cages but the deer are still getting to them do you think i should invest in a greenhouse? or is there something else i could try?

Submitted by snuggles784

Hi, Well you could grow veggies in a greenhouse if you want to put one up, but it seems a rather expensive way to deal with the deer problem. You say the creatures are actually getting on your deck? Have you tried any of the deer repellents on the market? Messina and Liquid Fence both make deer repellents you can buy at most home improvement stores. Or, you could probably fence  your property cheaper than building a greenhouse. I don't have much information to go on here, but I'd vote for a fence to start. You can also look at temporary electric fencing. One company that I use for this product is Premier 1. Here's a link to their electric deer fencing.

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