rabbits eating plants

How can I stop rabbits from eating my plants?
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Rabbits have been the bane of my yard and garden for years. I do not have an outdoor dog or cat, and there are few natural predators in my neighborhood. So it comes down to three different approaches. First, metal fencing (chicken wire) where needed; second, repellant sprays; and third, plants that rabbits do not like.
My vegetable garden is enclosed with an attractive fence that has a two-foot-tall band of chicken wire on the inside where it is less noticeable. The chicken wire is also fastened to the soil using landscape staples every two feet or so. I also have built chicken wire circles to go around roses, arbor vitae, liatris, coneflowers, and other perennials. I plant rabbit-resistant plants around the outside of these circles to help hide them. In a border bed, the circles are nearly invisible. Be sure to leave the circles up year round.
I use rabbit repellent, such as Liquid Fence, on hostas and other plants that are less tasty to rabbits as the plants grow larger and more mature. By the way, I hear that Liquid Fence now has a more powerful version for baby rabbits, which are tougher to repel.
I have a list of plants that rabbits generally don't bother in my yard, and I use them as creatively as I can. You can find some suggestions here: http://www.bhg.com/gardening/pests/animal/editors-picks-top-rabbit-resistant-plants/

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