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Rabbits Are Ruining My Garden!

Rabbits are eating everything that is starting to come back in my yard this spring -- hostas, stella d'oro daylillies, even tulips. Is there anything that I can put down that won't harm the plants, but will keep the rabbits and other critters away?
Submitted by BHGPhotoContest

It doesn't take long before the rabbits will become comfortable with your tactics, so you've got to try lots of different things in rotation. You can try whirligigs and wind-powered wood tappers. The scent of human hair and predator urine (fox urine, specifically) will scare them off. Blood meal is a deterrent, but it is pretty much pure nitrogen and you've got to be careful not to get it on your plants. Still, it offers good short-term protection until your plants are up and beyond the tender tasty morsel stage.

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