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problems with moles

The moles are invading my gardens, they have eaten my iris tubes, the bark off some of the srubs and last year they tunneled under and ate my carrots off any suggestions?
Submitted by BHGPhotoContest

Well it's doubtful the moles are causing these problems in your garden. Moles are carnivores that dine almost exclusively on moles and grubs. They do not damage plants or eat them. It's likely you might have voles, which are a form of field mice that often use mole tunnels to get around safely. To eradicate voles, you can use mouse traps or any product designed to kill or eliminate mice. For moles, you can use a repellent product made by Liquid Fence. You can find it at most garden centers. Be careful, though, because most mole repellents don't work well. Liquid Fence is the one we recommend as having the most success rate.

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