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Please Save My Rose Bushes

Help! Rabbits have eaten my rose bushes down to almost nothing. How can I get them to stop and give my roses a chance to thrive? They are in the front of my house and look bare.
Submitted by kjlehman66


Thanks for writing. The only guaranteed way to keep rabbits from eating your roses is to fence or cage the plants to create a physical barrier.


There are a number of repellents on the market, but they're not always consistently effective. Some gardeners have much better luck with them than others.


---Justin, Senior Garden Editor,

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I was an animal control officer and I use to tell the people that had problems with wild animals and cats was to tear up old rags in strips and soak them in ammonia. The smell will keep all animals away. It is safe and cheap. After awhile re-soak the rags when they become dry. Tie them around a small stick next to the plant. Not on the plant, but next to it.. I have never had a problem...
Submitted by angelwhisper2