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Soon I will be moving to a very hot summer area in Riverside, Ca. There are lots of lizards in this area and I am petrified of them and have been all my life. Please don't tell me they are good for bug control, I would rather have the bugs. Do you know of anyway I can deter or trap them (boyfriend could remove). I love to garden , but this makes it very uncomfortable for me. Please help, Thanks, Robin Perez
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Well they are good for the garden, but if they make you uncomfortable that's the reality. I don't know of any solution here. There are repellents for snakes, but I don't know if they would work for lizards. The Liquid Fence company makes a snake repellent which I supposed you could try on the lizards, but otherwise, there's no real way to keep them out of your garden. The Liquid Fence is generally sold at garden centers and home stores.

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