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Litter box out of the flower bed

What can I do to keep cats from using my flower bed as a litter box? I have Glads in a bed with round rocks circling the bed and they use it to go to the bathroom in, even though they have a litter box.
Submitted by BHGPhotoContest

I've heard that citrus peels can work as a feline deterrent, but if the cats love to go in your garden, I think it'd have to take an awful lot of orange and grapefruit peels to really drive them off. A 3-4-inch layer or mulch might make your garden a little less inviting. You'll also have good luck using predator urine as a deterrent. Cats will avoid your garden if they believe there might be a bobcat or mountain lion around. Belive it or not, you can buy bottled urine from all kinds of animals for use as a repellent in your garden. I make "wick" bottles out of empty plastic bottles. Poke a hole in the lid and run a thick cotton string or rope wick through it. Pour urine in the bottle, screw the cap on, and set it in the garden. Once the wick has absorbed the liquid, it will wick the scent into your garden. If you're wrinkling your nose at the urine solution, you could place pieces of chicken wire in the popular litter spots throughout your garden. Snip the chicken wire here and there and point the wire up so you're creating a pokey and unwelcome mat.

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