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How do I get rid of voles in our lawn...

We have several mounds in our lawn (the snow is finally starting to melt. How can we get rid of them, without harming our squirrels and other wild life? My husband has tried to drown them out, but to no avail. Thanks for your time. Paula and Terry from Blackfoot Idaho.
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If you're seeing mounds of soil in your yard, your problem is not voles. Voles live on top of the ground, sometimes making trails in grass right at the soil surface.
What you're describing is likely either mole or gopher damage. Moles push up long trails of soil, while pocket gophers create scattered mounds. The most certain way to rid your lawn of either of these pests is by trapping. Several types of traps are available for either pest. Repellents containing castor bean oil have also been proven effective for moles. However, the repellent must be reapplied periodically.

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