how can i stop blackbird taking the compost from my pots and ruining my plants and seedlings

over the last 2 days a blackbird has ruined all my seedlings and plants that i have in pots. Its the compost she is after not the plants.i've covered what i can with nets but it moves on to the pots i cant net.i'm blocking the light off to these plants by covering them with wood and things but i can't keep doing that or it's worthless having them. what can i do to stop this and what is in the compost that they want.

Submitted by lucilleanne33

I'm not certain whether the blackbirds are finding nesting material or insects in the compost, but other than the exclusion techniques which you're already using, you may be able to keep them away from the pots by using a scare device. Aluminum foil pans or mylar ribbon are common scare devices.

Answered by DSchrock

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