Help the bunnies are eating up my new flower bed that was just planted last fall

How can I keep the bunnies from eating my flowers in my new flower bed without putting up a fence? My kids and i spent alot of time and money to put in my new flower bed last fall and now that my flowers are sprouting the bunnies are eating them faster than I can shew them away. Please help. P.S. I think the bunnie like thier flowers spicy we tried cayanne pepper and that didnt seem to bother them. Thanks in advance for any help.
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Thanks for writing. Unfortunately, a fence is the only tried-and-true way of keeping rabbits from eating your plants. You can try repellents; there's a wide variety on the market under brand names such as Rabbit Stopper, Liquid Fence, and Shake Away, though you may have to try several before you find one that seems to work reliably for you.


Otherwise, how's your lawn? Encouraging the growth of clover (a rabbit's favorite food) may also help. If you have clover in your yard, the rabbits often prefer it over your flowers. (Or at least that's my personal experience; I actually spread clover seed in my lawn to keep the bunnies out of my flowerbeds at home.)


---Justin, Senior Garden Editor,

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I recently read on this site The Editors' Picks: Top Rabbit-Resistant Plants. Now I cannot find it again. Please send me a link.
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